Top 10 Tamil Comedy Movies

This article examines the top 10 Tamil comedy movies, showcasing a range of comedic styles and themes. Each film offers a unique blend of humor, emotions, and narrative depth.

From the classic Rajinikanth starrer ‘Thillu Mullu’ to the darkly comedic ‘Soodhu Kavvum,’ these films explore various aspects of laughter while captivating audiences with their witty dialogues and comical situations.

Through an analytical lens, this article aims to inform and entertain readers by highlighting the outstanding contributions made by Tamil cinema in the realm of comedy.

Thillu Mullu" – A classic comedy film starring Rajinikanth and directed by K. Balachander.

‘Thillu Mullu’ is a renowned Tamil comedy film directed by K. Balachander and featuring Rajinikanth as the lead actor. Known for his impeccable comedic timing, Rajinikanth delivers a stellar performance that leaves the audience in splits.

K. Balachander’s directorial brilliance shines through in this film, as he expertly crafts hilarious situations and dialogues. The combination of Rajinikanth’s comic talent and K. Balachander’s directorial finesse makes ‘Thillu Mullu’ a must-watch for lovers of Tamil comedy movies seeking an entertaining experience.

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Vadivelu" – A hilarious film featuring the comedy genius Vadivelu in various roles.

In the film featuring the comedy genius Vadivelu in various roles, audiences are treated to a hilarious display of his comedic talent. With his unique expressions and impeccable timing, Vadivelu has created several iconic comedy moments that have become synonymous with Tamil cinema. His ability to effortlessly switch between characters and deliver witty dialogues has had a tremendous impact on the genre. Vadivelu’s contributions to Tamil comedy have left an indelible mark, making him one of the most beloved comedians in Indian cinema.

😂 🌟 🎭 🤣 👏
Hilarious facial expressions Stellar comedic performance Versatile acting skills Side-splitting laughter Applauded by critics and audiences alike

Malli" – A comedy-drama film that follows the misadventures of a young man in a small town.

The film ‘Malli’ is a comedy-drama that portrays the misadventures of a young man navigating life in a small town. It explores the struggles faced by individuals living in such environments, highlighting the challenges and idiosyncrasies unique to these settings.

Through youthful escapades and a series of hilarious misadventures, the film showcases a comedy of errors that keeps audiences entertained while providing insight into the nuances of small-town life.

Boss Engira Bhaskaran" – A romantic comedy film with a perfect blend of humor and emotions.

Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ is a romantic comedy film that skillfully combines humor and emotions in its narrative. As one of the popular genres in Tamil cinema, romantic comedies have gained immense popularity among audiences.

This film, directed by M. Rajesh, showcases the perfect blend of witty humor and heartfelt emotions. With its engaging storyline and relatable characters, Boss Engira Bhaskaran has become a favorite among fans of romantic comedy films in the Tamil industry.

Soodhu Kavvum" – A dark comedy film that revolves around a group of kidnappers and their quirky adventures.

Soodhu Kavvum is a film belonging to the dark comedy genre that revolves around a group of kidnappers and their eccentric escapades. The movie portrays the lives of these quirky kidnappers, who embark on hilarious comedic adventures.

The film’s screenplay brilliantly combines humor and suspense, keeping the audience engaged throughout. With its witty dialogues and unexpected twists, Soodhu Kavvum offers a refreshing take on comedy in Tamil cinema.

Nanum Rowdy Dhaan" – A romantic comedy film with a unique storyline and brilliant performances.

Moving on from the dark comedy of ‘Soodhu Kavvum,’ we delve into the realm of unique romantic comedies with ‘Nanum Rowdy Dhaan.’

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This film offers a refreshing storyline that combines romance and comedy in an unconventional manner. The movie showcases brilliant performances by its cast, who effortlessly bring humor to life.

‘Nanum Rowdy Dhaan’ stands out among the top Tamil comedy movies for its distinct approach and exceptional comedic talent displayed by its actors.

Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara" – A comedy film that explores the lives of three friends and their comical situations.

The film ‘Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara’ explores the humorous situations encountered by three friends in their lives. The movie takes a comedic approach to delve into the dynamics of friendship, providing an entertaining narrative that keeps the audience engaged throughout. With its unique storyline and brilliant performances, this Tamil comedy film presents comical situations faced by the characters, offering a delightful and light-hearted viewing experience for those seeking liberation from everyday stress.

  • Sub-list 1:

  • The film showcases the daily struggles and misadventures of the three friends, highlighting their individual quirks and idiosyncrasies.

  • Through hilarious incidents and witty dialogues, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong bonds with friends.

  • Sub-list 2:

  • The exploration of friendship dynamics adds depth to the narrative, allowing viewers to relate to the characters’ experiences.

  • By presenting comical situations faced by the characters, the movie offers a refreshing escape from reality while delivering moments of laughter and amusement.

Kanchana" – A horror-comedy film that follows the story of a man possessed by a transgender ghost.

One notable horror-comedy film is ‘Kanchana’, which centers around a man who becomes possessed by a transgender ghost. This film explores the comedy horror genre in South Indian films and also touches upon the topic of transgender representation in Tamil cinema.

‘Kanchana’ presents an interesting blend of comedy and horror elements, providing entertainment to its audience while also shedding light on important social issues. It showcases the potential for diverse storytelling within the Tamil film industry.

Thirudan Police" – A comedy-drama film about a police officer and his humorous encounters with criminals.

Moving on from the horror-comedy film ‘Kanchana’, we now delve into the comedy-drama ‘Thirudan Police’. This Tamil movie revolves around a police officer and his amusing interactions with criminals. The film showcases a blend of humor and drama, providing entertainment to its audience. To provide a deeper understanding of the film, let’s analyze some key aspects through a 2-column, 5-row table:

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Aspects Description
Plot Focuses on a police officer’s encounters with humorous criminals
Humor Utilizes witty dialogues and situational comedy to evoke laughter
Characterization Portrays the protagonist as an eccentric yet lovable and relatable figure
Social Commentary Offers subtle commentary on law enforcement systems and societal issues
Entertainment Value Provides an enjoyable movie-watching experience for comedy enthusiasts

Through its comedic portrayal of a police officer’s encounters with humorous criminals, ‘Thirudan Police’ presents an entertaining narrative that blends humor and drama. It offers insightful social commentary while keeping the audience engaged with its witty dialogues and relatable characters. This film serves as an ideal choice for those seeking light-hearted amusement in their cinematic experience.

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom" – A comedy film based on a true story of a man who loses his memory on the day of his wedding

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom is a comedic film that depicts the true story of a man who experiences memory loss on his wedding day. The film’s unique premise and real-life inspiration make it an intriguing watch.

Throughout the movie, the audience witnesses the man’s struggle to remember important details while also experiencing various comedic moments.

This combination of humor and genuine human struggle creates an entertaining and relatable viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of ‘Thillu Mullu’?

The plot summary of "Thillu Mullu" revolves around a man named Chandran who pretends to be an experienced job applicant in order to secure employment. The main characters include Chandran, his boss Raghavan, and his love interest Indhu.

How many roles does Vadivelu play in ‘Vadivelu’?

Vadivelu portrays multiple characters in the movie ‘Vadivelu’, although the exact number is not specified. Notable comedy scenes in the film include his humorous interactions with other actors and his trademark slapstick humor.

What are the misadventures faced by the young man in ‘Malli’?

The young man in ‘Malli’ faces various misadventures and comedic situations throughout the movie. These situations provide entertainment to the audience and contribute to the overall humor of the film.

Can you describe the unique storyline of ‘Nanum Rowdy Dhaan’?

The unique storyline of ‘Nanum Rowdy Dhaan’ revolves around a young woman who seeks the help of a rowdy to avenge her father’s death. This film showcases the impact of comedy in Tamil cinema and reflects the evolution of humor in Tamil movies.

What is the true story behind ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom’?

True events inspired the film "Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom", directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan. The movie revolves around a groom who loses his memory just before his wedding. The cast and crew include Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie Shankar, and Balaji Tharaneetharan himself.


In conclusion, Tamil cinema has produced some exceptional comedy films that have entertained audiences for years. From the classic ‘Thillu Mullu’ starring Rajinikanth to the hilarious ‘Vadivelu’, these movies have showcased the talent and creativity of Tamil comedians.

The genre ranges from romantic comedies like ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ to dark comedies like ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, offering a diverse range of humor for viewers.

With their comical situations and memorable characters, these top 10 Tamil comedy movies continue to bring laughter and joy to audiences.

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