Top 10 Marathi Crime Movies Of All Time

This article presents an objective analysis of the top 10 Marathi crime movies of all time. The selection is based on various criteria, including critical acclaim, commercial success, and cultural significance. By exploring these films, readers will gain insights into the evolution and impact of the Marathi crime genre.

The chosen movies span different years, showcasing a diverse range of storytelling techniques, themes, and performances. Notably, this list includes films such as ‘Dombivli Fast’ (2005), ‘Deool’ (2011), ‘Court’ (2014), ‘Vazandar’ (2016), ‘Killa’ (2015), ‘Natsamrat’ (2016), ‘Shwaas’ (2004), Nagraj Manjule’s ‘Sairat’ (2016), and ‘Kaasav’ (2016). Each film explores complex narratives involving crime in the Marathi context.

By examining these cinematic works from an academic perspective, this article aims to provide an objective overview for those interested in understanding the artistic achievements and cultural impact of Marathi crime movies.

Dombivli Fast" (2005)

‘Dombivli Fast’ (2005) is a poignant portrayal of societal injustices and the protagonist’s transformation from a common man to an agent of social change.

The film effectively addresses various social issues portrayed in ‘Dombivli Fast’, such as corruption, inequality, and political apathy.

Additionally, it explores the impact of religious beliefs on the protagonist’s journey, highlighting how they can both empower and restrict individuals in their pursuit of justice and liberation.

Deool" (2011)

‘Deool’ (2011) is a critically acclaimed Marathi film that delves into the socio-political issues prevalent in rural India.

It has had a significant impact on Marathi cinema, both artistically and commercially.

The film explores the crime genre, showcasing the power dynamics and corruption within society.

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It skillfully portrays the struggles faced by common people in their fight against injustice.

‘Deool’ stands as a testament to the potential of Marathi cinema to address relevant social issues through compelling storytelling.

Court" (2014)

‘Court’ (2014) is a thought-provoking and socially relevant Marathi film that examines the flaws and intricacies of the Indian judicial system, shedding light on the struggles faced by marginalized individuals in their pursuit of justice.

The movie provides a critical portrayal of the legal system in Marathi cinema, highlighting its shortcomings and raising important questions about access to justice.

‘Court’ has garnered international acclaim, making waves in the film festival circuit and bringing attention to the issues it addresses.

Vazandar" (2016)

‘Vazandar’ (2016) is a captivating exploration of societal beauty standards and body image, delving into the struggles faced by two women as they navigate societal pressures and embark on a journey of self-discovery. The film highlights the impact of body image on individuals and challenges the prevailing norms. It sheds light on the immense societal pressure to conform to beauty standards, ultimately advocating for liberation from these oppressive expectations.

Body Image Societal Pressure
Struggles Self-discovery
Beauty Conformity
Norms Liberation

Killa" (2015)

Set against the backdrop of a picturesque coastal village, ‘Killa’ (2015) immerses viewers in an evocative coming-of-age story. It follows a young boy’s journey of resilience and self-discovery amidst the challenges of change and loss.

‘Killa’ has had a significant impact on Marathi cinema, showcasing its potential to deliver compelling narratives. While not explicitly focusing on crime, it contributes to the broader exploration of human experiences and emotions in Marathi cinema, showcasing its versatility and depth.

Fandry" (2013)

One notable film in Marathi cinema that explores the complexities of societal norms and discrimination is ‘Fandry’ (2013).

This powerful movie provides a social commentary on caste discrimination, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by marginalized communities.

It showcases the impact of poverty on these communities, highlighting their struggles and hardships.

Through its thought-provoking narrative, ‘Fandry’ aims to create awareness and ignite conversations about liberation from societal constraints and prejudices.

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Natsamrat" (2016)

‘Natsamrat’ (2016), a highly acclaimed Marathi film, delves into the profound journey of an aging Shakespearean actor as he grapples with his fading fame and the complexities of family relationships.

This film explores the impact of ‘natsamrat’ on Marathi cinema by presenting a compelling narrative that captivates the audience’s attention.

It also analyzes the portrayal of crime in ‘natsamrat’ (2016), highlighting how it adds depth to the storyline and showcases the consequences of immoral actions.

Shwaas" (2004)

‘Shwaas’ (2004), an acclaimed Marathi film, presents a poignant portrayal of the human condition through its exploration of the emotional journey of a young boy diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. The storyline delves into the challenges faced by the boy’s family and their search for a cure. The film’s characters are richly developed, evoking empathy and reflection in the audience.

‘Shwaas’ impact on Marathi cinema lies in its ability to captivate viewers with its thought-provoking narrative and memorable performances.

  • The film immerses us in the world of a rural village, depicting its simple yet vibrant lifestyle.

  • Through vivid cinematography, we witness breathtaking landscapes that mirror the characters’ internal struggles.

  • The emotional depth of ‘Shwaas’ is intensified by its authentic dialogue and realistic performances.

  • Each character brings forth raw emotions, creating an immersive experience for audiences seeking liberation.

Keywords: Impact of ‘shwaas’ on Marathi cinema, Analysis of the storyline and characters in ‘shwaas’.

Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat" (2016)

Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat (2016) exposes the harsh realities of societal discrimination and the complexities of forbidden love, ultimately stirring a sense of empathy and contemplation in its viewers.

This modern love story showcases Nagraj Manjule’s directorial excellence, capturing the essence of young love amidst deep-rooted caste differences.

Sairat navigates through the intricacies of societal norms and challenges conventional ideas, providing a thought-provoking narrative that resonates with audiences seeking liberation from societal constraints.

Kaasav" (2016)

‘Kaasav’ (2016) is a film that delves into the intricate complexities of human emotions and explores the profound connection between a man struggling with depression and a wounded sea turtle. It highlights the transformative power of compassion and introspection.

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The film vividly portrays the themes of mental health, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals dealing with depression. It emphasizes the impact of environmental conservation, depicting how preserving nature can positively influence one’s mental well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the lead actors in each of these Marathi crime movies?

The impact of Marathi crime movies on the regional film industry can be seen through the evolution of lead roles. These movies have showcased diverse actors and their talented performances, contributing to the liberation of audiences.

What is the storyline or plot of each of these Marathi crime movies?

The popular Marathi crime movie directors include names like Nagraj Manjule, Ravi Jadhav, and Mahesh Manjrekar. Over the years, Marathi crime movies have evolved in terms of storytelling techniques, themes explored, and use of technology.

Which Marathi crime movie on this list has won the most awards?

The Marathi crime movie on the list with the highest IMDb rating is not mentioned. The box office collections of these movies are not specified, so it is difficult to determine which one has won the most awards.

Are any of these Marathi crime movies based on true events?

There are no details provided about upcoming Marathi crime movies. In terms of crime movies, Marathi cinema differs from Bollywood in its regional focus and portrayal of local issues.

Where can I watch these Marathi crime movies online or on streaming platforms?

The best Marathi crime movies of the 21st century can be streamed online or on various platforms. These movies have had a significant impact on the regional film industry, fostering creativity and attracting a wider audience.


In conclusion, the Marathi film industry has produced some exceptional crime movies that have captivated audiences. These films showcase the talent and creativity of Marathi cinema, with their compelling storylines and powerful performances.

From the intense and gripping ‘Dombivli Fast’ to the thought-provoking courtroom drama ‘Court,’ these top 10 crime movies of all time in Marathi provide a unique cinematic experience.

Not only do they entertain, but they also shed light on various social issues, making them significant contributions to Indian cinema.

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