The Best 10 Tv Shows That Showcase Outstanding Writing

This article aims to explore the top ten television shows that are widely regarded as exemplars of exceptional writing. The chosen programs have garnered critical acclaim and have gained significant popularity among audiences. By examining these shows, we can delve into the intricacies of their narratives, character development, dialogue, and overall storytelling prowess.

This analysis intends to shed light on the reasons behind their success in captivating viewers and eliciting emotional responses.

The selected TV shows include:

  • ‘Breaking Bad’
  • ‘The Sopranos’
  • ‘The Wire’
  • ‘Game of Thrones’
  • ‘Mad Men’
  • ‘The Office’ (US version)
  • ‘Fargo’
  • ‘Stranger Things’
  • ‘The Crown’

These series span various genres such as crime drama, fantasy, thriller, and historical fiction. Despite their differences in plotlines and settings, they share a common thread: exceptionally well-crafted writing that engages the audience throughout each episode.

By recognizing these exceptional examples of television writing, viewers can gain insight into how intricate storytelling techniques contribute to the overall quality of a show. Such analysis allows for a more informed understanding and appreciation of the artistry behind these celebrated productions.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad stands out as one of the most exemplary television shows that exemplifies exceptional writing. This critically acclaimed series has captivated audiences with its exploration of moral ambiguity and character transformation and growth.

The show delves into the complex psyche of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturer, as he navigates the dangerous world of drug trafficking. Breaking Bad skillfully portrays the evolution of its characters, particularly Walter White, who evolves from a mild-mannered family man to a morally questionable anti-hero driven by his newly discovered power and ambition.

The masterful writing in Breaking Bad allows viewers to witness these intricate character arcs unfold, providing an insightful commentary on human nature and the consequences of one’s choices. Through its exploration of moral ambiguity and compelling character development, Breaking Bad undoubtedly showcases outstanding writing that leaves a lasting impact on its audience.

The Sopranos

Regarded as a groundbreaking series, The Sopranos stands out for its exceptional narrative craftsmanship and compelling storytelling. It captivates viewers by its masterful character development and exploration of moral ambiguity. The show skillfully delves into the complex psyche of Tony Soprano, a charismatic mob boss struggling to balance his personal life with his criminal activities. Through Tony’s journey, viewers are confronted with the inherent contradictions of human nature and forced to question their own moral compass.

The Sopranos evokes an emotional response in the audience through:

  • Instilling empathy: By portraying relatable human flaws and vulnerabilities in its characters, the show allows viewers to connect on a deeper level.

  • Challenging societal norms: The series challenges conventional ideas about morality, pushing viewers to reassess their own beliefs and values.

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This emotionally charged storytelling appeals to an audience that desires liberation from traditional narratives and seeks thought-provoking content.

The Wire

The Wire stands out as a thought-provoking and immersive television series, skillfully examining the complexities of urban life and the institutions that shape it. Through its five-season run, this show delves deep into societal issues, presenting a comprehensive exploration of Baltimore’s drug trade, education system, politics, and media.

The writing in The Wire is exceptional in its ability to create complex characters with nuanced motivations. Each character is meticulously developed and serves as a representation of various aspects of society. From police officers to drug dealers, journalists to politicians, the show presents a diverse ensemble cast that brings authenticity to the narrative.

By delving into these characters’ lives and intertwining their stories, The Wire sheds light on the intricate web connecting individuals within an urban ecosystem while encouraging viewers to critically analyze societal structures and their impact on human behavior.

Game of Thrones

Epic in scale and rich in political intrigue, Game of Thrones captivates audiences with its intricate storytelling and complex characters. This critically acclaimed television series has had a significant impact on the fantasy genre, redefining the way we view and appreciate epic storytelling on screen.

The show’s success lies not only in its grandiose world-building and stunning visuals but also in its portrayal of complex characters. From noble knights to cunning politicians, Game of Thrones presents a diverse range of personalities that defy traditional archetypes.

The characters’ multidimensional nature allows for compelling narratives that explore themes such as power, morality, and identity. By showcasing these deeply flawed yet relatable individuals, the series challenges conventional notions of heroism and villainy, creating a more nuanced understanding of human nature within the fantastical context.

Mad Men

Intriguing and thought-provoking, Mad Men delves into the world of 1960s advertising and masterfully examines the complexities of identity, ambition, and societal expectations. The show’s exceptional character development allows viewers to intimately understand the motivations and struggles of its diverse cast.

Each character is meticulously crafted, showcasing their flaws, desires, and growth over time. Through this lens, Mad Men offers a compelling cultural critique of the era in which it is set.

The series skillfully tackles topics such as sexism, racism, consumerism, and the pursuit of success within a deeply flawed society. With its sharp writing and nuanced storytelling, Mad Men challenges societal norms while also inviting critical reflection from its audience.

By exploring the personal lives and professional aspirations of its characters against the backdrop of a changing America, Mad Men prompts viewers to question their own beliefs about identity and societal expectations.

Overall, it is an intellectually stimulating show that captivates audiences with its insightful exploration of human nature within a specific historical context.

The West Wing

Another highly acclaimed television series, The West Wing offers a captivating and astute portrayal of the inner workings of the American political landscape. This political drama delves into behind-the-scenes politics, offering viewers an enthralling glimpse into the world of high-stakes decision-making and power struggles within the White House.

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The writing in The West Wing is exceptional, with sharp dialogue and intelligent storytelling that keeps audiences engaged throughout each episode. The show’s exploration of complex political issues is thought-provoking and well-researched, making it a favorite among those who seek intellectual stimulation from their entertainment.

With its emphasis on realism and attention to detail, The West Wing has been praised for its accuracy in depicting the intricacies of government processes. Overall, this critically acclaimed series stands as a shining example of outstanding writing in the realm of television dramas.

The Office (US)

Shifting gears from the political landscape of ‘The West Wing,’ we now turn our attention to ‘The Office (US),’ a widely acclaimed television show that centers around the daily lives of office workers at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

This American adaptation brilliantly captures character dynamics within an ordinary workplace, showcasing a diverse ensemble cast with varying personalities and quirks. The series skillfully navigates through the intricacies of office politics, relationships, and power struggles, providing viewers with an authentic portrayal of corporate life.

Furthermore, ‘The Office (US)’ excels in its comedic timing, employing a mockumentary style format that adds an extra layer of humor to each episode. Through its nuanced writing and talented ensemble cast, this critically acclaimed show has become a timeless favorite among audiences seeking both laughter and insightful commentary on modern work culture.


Fargo, a critically acclaimed television series, delves into the dark and twisted criminal underworld of small-town America with its gripping storytelling and compelling characters.

Character development in Fargo is a standout aspect of the show, as it explores the complexities and motivations of each individual involved in the criminal activities. The writers skillfully present multifaceted characters who evolve over time, allowing viewers to witness their growth or descent into darkness.

Moreover, Fargo tackles themes of morality in an intriguing manner. It examines how individuals grapple with their sense of right and wrong when faced with life-altering choices. The show challenges conventional notions of morality by presenting morally ambiguous characters who blur the lines between good and evil.

Through its outstanding writing, Fargo captivates audiences by weaving complex narratives while exploring profound questions about human nature and ethics.

Stranger Things

Moving on from the critically acclaimed Fargo, we now turn our attention to another outstanding TV show that showcases exceptional writing: Stranger Things. This American sci-fi series, created by the Duffer Brothers, has gained a massive following since its debut in 2016. Set in a nostalgic 80s setting, Stranger Things captivates audiences with its intriguing storyline and compelling characters.

Stranger Things can be best described as a psychological thriller that explores supernatural elements and government conspiracies. The show’s exceptional writing keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they unravel mysteries and uncover dark secrets alongside the young protagonists. With its masterful storytelling and clever plot twists, Stranger Things successfully combines elements of horror, mystery, and science fiction into an enthralling narrative.

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Key elements that make Stranger Things an outstanding TV show include:

  • Rich character development
  • Skillful blend of genres
  • Authentic 80s atmosphere
  • Gripping suspense

By incorporating these aspects into its writing, Stranger Things delivers a captivating viewing experience for those seeking liberation from mundane television fare.

The Crown

The Crown, a historical drama series created by Peter Morgan, delves into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her personal and public struggles as the longest-reigning monarch in British history. The show has gained acclaim for its historical accuracy and meticulous portrayal of royal family dynamics.

It presents an in-depth exploration of the challenges faced by Queen Elizabeth II, such as navigating political tensions, familial conflicts, and maintaining a delicate balance between her public duty and personal life.

The Crown offers viewers a glimpse into the inner workings of the monarchy while raising thought-provoking questions about power, tradition, and identity. With its attention to detail and nuanced performances, it provides a captivating narrative that appeals to an audience seeking both entertainment and enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other TV shows besides the mentioned ones have outstanding writing?

Some underrated TV shows with outstanding writing include "Fargo," "The Leftovers," and "Hannibal." Great writing impacts the overall quality of a TV show by providing compelling narratives, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes for an audience that seeks liberation.

Are there any specific episodes or seasons of these shows that stand out for their exceptional writing?

The exceptional writing of these TV shows is characterized by its originality, depth, and skillful storytelling. The writing not only captivates viewers but also contributes to the overall success of the show by engaging and challenging audience expectations.

How do these TV shows compare in terms of ratings and popularity?

The impact of social media on TV show ratings and popularity is significant, as it allows for immediate feedback and viral promotion. Factors beyond writing quality, such as marketing strategies and casting choices, also contribute to the success of TV shows.

Did any of these shows receive awards or critical acclaim for their writing?

Several of the TV shows mentioned garnered critical acclaim and received awards for their exceptional writing. The quality of writing in these shows plays a significant role in their overall success and contributes to their popularity among audiences seeking liberation.

Are there any upcoming TV shows that are expected to showcase outstanding writing in the future?

The key elements of outstanding writing in TV shows include compelling storytelling, well-developed characters, thematic depth, and innovative narratives. Outstanding writing contributes to the success of a TV show by engaging viewers, sparking discussions, and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.


In conclusion, the aforementioned TV shows have been widely recognized for their exceptional writing. Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and The Wire stand out as masterpieces in storytelling and character development.

Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and The Office (US) captivate audiences with their clever dialogue and intricate plotlines.

Fargo, Stranger Things, and The Crown showcase compelling narratives that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

These shows are a testament to the power of well-crafted writing in creating unforgettable television experiences.

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